CENTÁ is a multidisciplinary studio specializing in creative and artistic direction, food styling, floral design & botanical brand imagery.
Founded in 2020 by a creative couple Lera and Viktor Komskii, based in Lisbon, Portugal and operating worldwide, CENTÁ works on various projects across different disciplines.
Every job for CENTÁ team is a journey being taken extremely personally, and they put all possible effort into making the best version of it.
We’re proud to closely collaborate with our dear Clients from LOEWE, Zara, H&M, Stradivarius and many more helping them to decorate their store spaces, and special events and developing set design solutions for photo and video shoots.
Private events are also a big part of our work, and it’s always a pleasure and unique experience to bring the ideas for weddings, birthdays, parties or any form of happenings decorations to life.

Creative direction:
It’s always a priceless experience to tell a Brand’s story through visuals.
Twisting on a traditional approach, we’re always open to experimenting with communicating brands and our personal vision of their representation.

Food styling:
We’re beyond passionate about this direction at the moment, doing our best to offer exquisite menus and table settings to our clients and friends. We believe in making every event truly special, learning through its traditions and rituals to keep it as authentic as possible.
Considering every dinner as a special experience, we work closely with private chefs who help us to bring any crazy yet spectacular ideas to life.

It’s a 100% creative space where absolutely weird objects might be combined and married together and eventually become a perfect match and a future foundation for any type of project.
We’re creating unique combos for specific seasons, holidays or without any particular reason just because we feel inspired.

The Florist studio was a perfect starting point for us, and we’re still enjoying looking for rare and unique flowers, experimenting with new approaches/techniques to make every bouquet as personal and memorable as possible.

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